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Austria - Europe's Meeting Place

Austria has an abundance of cultural treasures that is immeasurable but not incomprehensible. This includes its “high culture”, of course, but also its everyday culture and the special lifestyle of the people who live here, the culinary specialities that serve as the landmarks of Austria and its individual regions, and the encounters visitors have with the incomparable people of our country. All of these qualities are so impressive today because they are the result of a great variety of influences from West and East, from North and South. Throughout history, Austria has always played a special role in the centre of Europe: as a bridge-builder, as a meeting place, and as a venue for cultural exchange.

Austria - Europe's Meeting Place

Franz Liszt Centre in Raiding © Ulrich Schwarz Franz Liszt Centre in Raiding © Ulrich Schwarz

Austria's Music History

It is commonly said that travel broadens the mind. This is especially true of musicians. The works of Mozart, Haydn, Liszt and Mahler would be unimaginable if their composers had not spent much of their lives travelling. In the greatest cities of Europe they not only captivated audiences with their music; they also found inspiration for many pieces.
An open ear for distant shores
Bergkern Salt © Salzkontor Bergkern Salt © Salzkontor

Following the Salt Trail

So-called “white gold” made the Salzkammergut district rich. Visitors travelling on the old salt route through this exciting region follow in the footsteps of historic figures: miners from the grim and distant past, an old emperor in his villa, and courageous mountain-dwellers who foiled the Nazis. But what does George Clooney have to do with all this?
Salt mining in Austria
Innsbruck Golden Roof © Innsbruck Tourismus Innsbruck Golden Roof © Innsbruck Tourismus

A Tour through Austria

Austrian cities are always good for a surprise, even if one visits them regularly. A tour of the country’s cultural sights promises an astounding variety of experiences, impressions and pleasures that could scarcely be more different from each other.
Visit Austria's regional capitals
Schlöging Loop in Upper Austria © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller Schlöging Loop in Upper Austria © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller

Colourful Danube

For many centuries Europe’s second-largest river has served to bring together the continent’s nations and peoples, which up until today makes the Danube region a fascinating cultural meeting place.
Where cultures flow together
Grossglockner High Alpine Road © Großglockner Hochalpenstraße Grossglockner High Alpine Road © Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Alpine Traditions

Anyone who thinks that Austria’s mountains are a closed-off, secluded world is mistaken. Their inhabitants have always cultivated contact and exchange with other regions and cultures.
Historic trails across the Alps
Wood Architecture in Vorarlberg © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller Wood Architecture in Vorarlberg © Österreich Werbung / Peter Burgstaller

Architecture with an International Flavour

Austria’s reputation as a nation with a great cultural tradition is due not only to its music, literature and art. This country also boasts many towering architectural achievements. As in every other artistic field, interaction and exchange with other cultures has always been crucial to the further development of Austria’s architecture.
Austria as architectural meeting place
Apricot Dumplings © Österreich Werbung  Eisenhut & Mayer Apricot Dumplings © Österreich Werbung Eisenhut & Mayer

Austrian Cuisine, a Cultural History

“You are what you eat” - there is a deeper meaning to this well-known saying. It seems to suggest that one can understand a country’s mentality from what people eat. What would Austria’s many regional specialities reveal about its inhabitants? Undoubtedly that they are epicures and love their native cuisine.
International influence on Austrian cuisine
Bregenz Festival: The Magic Flute © Anja Köhler Bregenz Festival: The Magic Flute © Anja Köhler

Festival Culture Austria

Austria lies in the heart of Europe. The country’s diversity in terms of its landscape and culture creates a one of a kind festival atmosphere.
Coming together through music
Hofburg Vienna © Hofburg Kaiserappartements Hofburg Vienna © Hofburg Kaiserappartements

Imperial Austria

During their centuries-long domination of Europe, the Habsburgs proved to be not only passionate builders, but also keen travellers - a fact that is manifested in the diversity of imperial structures all across Austria.
In the footsteps of the Habsburgs
Melk Abbey © Österreich Werbung/Homberger Melk Abbey © Österreich Werbung/Homberger

Cultural and Theme Routes

Roads used to be for the sole purpose of getting from A to B. Today one can experience all sorts of interesting and delightful things while “on the road” on one of Austria’s theme routes.
Take a tour
Hiking the Alpe-Adria-Trail Carinthia © Kärnten Werbung/Gerdl Hiking the Alpe-Adria-Trail Carinthia © Kärnten Werbung/Gerdl

Boundless Hiking Pleasures

Up hill and down dale, the narrow road winds through the idyllic landscape that got its nickname from the gentle vineyards and slender cypresses: the “Styrian Tuscany”. It is not Italy, however, but northern Slovenia that one sees when gazing out over the hills. Perhaps while seated at a charming tavern with a glass of outstanding Styrian wine.
Hiking and cycling across Austria's borders

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