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Sopron Main Square © Peter Németh

Sopron: Haydn as Regular Guest

On the way from Eisenstadt to Eszterháza, the Estherházys' Hungarian version of Versailles, Count Nikolaus often stopped over in Sopron. Traveling with him was his kapellmeister Joseph Haydn.
The city of Sopron is located in the geographic center of the region in which Joseph Haydn used to work for the Esterházy’s for nearly 30 years. Even Empress Maria Theresia was so impressed by the grand palace in rural Hungary that she loved to accept concert invitations from Count Nikolaus. Haydn often performed at the count’s house or in the music pavilion in the baroque palace garden. For Haydn, Sopron was part of his home throughout the largest part of his career. Today the palace accommodates a mining museum and changing exhibitions. The times of Haydn are being revived in the old halls where you can still find one wall with its original painting, and a memorial plaque on the exterior reminds of the famous composer.

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