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Museums For Kids

Who ever said that you could only drag the kids kicking and screaming to the museum? With so many fantastic exhibitions for children in Austria, you could be the ones in need of a coffee break.
  Arts and Crafts

The ZOOM museum in Vienna was established in 1994 and was Austria's first museum for children. There's an interactive exhibition where through play, children will learn about key topics in science, art, architecture and everyday culture. The ZOOM studio offers workshops where they can paint, cut, build, spray and assemble creations as well as make felt and mould shapes. There's also an animated film studio, where teenagers can play the roles of screenwriters, directors, cinematographers and  photographers. And if that isn't enough, there's a permanent ZOOM Ocean adventure and play area for children up to six years old.    Past, Present and Future

The Haus der Natur (Museum of  Nature) in Salzburg combines history, nature and a lot more. It houses a permanent exhibition about all aspects of nature, a science centre, an aquarium (with over 40 tanks full of fish species from all over the world - don't miss feeding time) and a reptile zoo. Children will learn and have fun by going around the exhibitions on offer here, including ‘Prehistoric times and Dinosaurs', ‘Geology and the Ice Age', ‘Men and Nature' and ‘The Human Body'. There's even a ‘Space Hall' which features  large-scale models of assorted spacecraft and a seriously impressive computer animation of a meteorite impact.   Showtime in Graz

When visiting the city of Graz with your little ones, you must go to the children’s museum, Frida and Fred. There is so much to do here – start by taking off your shoes as it’s more fun to experience the exhibitions barefoot or in socks or slippers. The exhibition ‘Blubberblubb’ is especially for three year olds and is dedicated to discovering the world of water – bring a dry change of clothes! There is an exhibition for those over the age of seven that focuses on questions about death and the before and after – Why do we get old? What happens to the deceased? There are also theatre shows and a laboratory for trying out experiments.   A Feast for the Senses

The Villa Sinnenreich Museum in  Rohrbach, situated in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest, is a whole new world of illusion and reality.  The museum contains over 400 square metres of exhibition space housing the works of over 40 artists. Here technology and art combine to surprise visitors with the unexpected – start by enjoying your edible ticket then check out the mirror exhibits that include a walk-in kaleidoscope and a piece titled ‘the room exploded’. Children must also experience ‘The  Ingenious Way’, a five kilometre trail that leads you through the landscape of Upper Mühlviertel and amazes with optical illusions along the way.

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