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Experiment on the Slopes

Just bring a good mood and the love of snow - fitness levels and experience can stay at home when you head to the "NTC Blue Day" Fun Park in Carinthia's Nassfeld.

 © Nassfeld-Hermagor
Those who are looking for the very newest and coolest adrenaline kick in the Nassfeld skiing area are sent to the Tressdorf Alm. Eleven ultimate trend sports await the restless and active here at the "NTC-Blue Day" Fun Park with activities ranging from tubing to snowbiking, and all types of gadgets such as airboards and snowblades to try out on the slopes. You don't need your own equipment, you don't need any previous knowledge, you don't need to be physically fit - bonus!

The best news is that a day at the Fun Park most certainly won't break the bank, making it a fantastic alternative to a conventional day on the slopes for the whole family. Those who are slightly unsure how much adrenaline-fuelled fun they can take should opt for the half day ticket which gives you access to 3 different trend sports. And those who know that they just simply can't get enough and will probably end the day in search of night skiing options should make use of the full day ticket giving access to the entire range of activities.

Whatever age, whatever skill level and whatever drive for adventure, there is a new winter sport activity for everyone at the "NTC-Blue Day" Fun Park, just waiting to be discovered!

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