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Dietmar Griesser is one of those chefs who never want to leave the kitchen, for whom the guests are the uppermost priority in his life. These principles are visible, mirrored on the plates of his highly pleased guests.

 © Gasthaus Adler
Just a few short years ago, the Adler was a real secret tip. And since the restaurant from the outside seemed so unlikely - and it still does - that helped to keep it secret. But what patron and chef-de-cuisine Dietmar Griesser puts together in the cozy, wood panelled dining rooms of the Adler, namely, inn cuisine at its inimitable best, could not stay a secret forever. This is not creativity at any cost, but market-fresh, intense and well crafted food. And the guest determines just how much he/she wants to have: the chef will make as few or as many courses as you like, and serve the perfect wines right beside each one from his admirable store of vintages.

Restaurant Adler
Kaier-F-Josef-Strasse 104
6845 Hohenems
Tel +43(0)5576/72292