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Film Screening: Sissi Trilogy

Come and join us for a marathon session of the beloved Sissi trilogy featuring Romy Schneider. While in Austria, Christmas season would not be complete without at least one replay of the famous story of the romance between Emperor Franz Joseph and Elizabeth of Bavaria, the movies have long achieved a cult following among younger generations.

October 10, 1 - 7 pm

While undeniably kitschy and not exactly true to historical detail, one can’t help but be engrossed by the performance of Romy Schneider as the charismatic young Empress. Not to mention the lavish costumes and beautiful locations, many of which can be seen and toured today in Vienna and other locations in Austria.

Each movie is roughly one hour and fifty minutes long. The showtimes are as follows:

1 pm – Sissi
3 pm – Sissi: The Young Empress
5 pm – Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress
“To watch the Sissi trilogy in full effect is to revel in ostentatious filmic presentation, and in the fantastic possibility that fate instigates love, politics, and sheer, unabashed goodness,” says Trinie Dalton in her movie review on We have nothing to add, except to say that we are looking forward to this marathon ourselves. Oh – and we’ll raffle off some fun Sissi memorabilia at the end of each movie to mark the occasion!

The movie will be screened in it's original German version with English subtitles.

The event is free of charge, but space is limited and you must be registered to be admitted.

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