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The Floh Inn
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First, take the freshest regional produce you can find, add top wines and serve them together in a wonderfully both-feet-on-the-ground ambience: that is the secret recipe that catapulted Josef Floh, chef and owner of the eponymous inn in Langenlebarn on the Danube, to the uppermost echelons of Austrian restaurants.

 © Gastwirtschaft Floh/Jürgen Skarwan

Tullnerstraße 1, Langenlebarn

Tullnerstraße 1, Langenlebarn on the map
Gnocchi with wild garlic, shallots and radishes; filet of Danube salmon with local spelt rice, parsley root, topinambur and vanilla; or perhaps a tender saddle of hare with crosne (Stachys siboldii Miq), an age-old, nearly forgotten medicinal herb? The menu at the “Floh” wows its guests not only through its culinary creativity, but equally through its seasonal/regional commitment. It would never occur to the patron to serve strawberries in wintertime or asparagus in autumn. Instead of that, he sets great store in fresh, wild herbs from the nearby Danube wetlands; and on the products his regular suppliers bring from the surrounding villages.

This concept, together with his indisputably modern interpretation of traditional classic dishes, has earned him two Gault-Millau toques and inclusion in the guild known as “Jeunes Restauranteurs Europe”. His wine list stands securely on the same prize-winning footing, comprising more than 1,600 different varieties and vintages. They are resting in about 15,000 bottles, deep in the caverns of his own cellar, one of Austria’s biggest and most diversified.

Der Floh
Tullnerstraße 1
3425 Langenlebarn
Tel: 02272/628 09

Opening times:
Thu - Mon: 9.00 am - 11.00 pm