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Austria is located in a temperate climatic zone with a Central European climate influenced by the Atlantic climate. The four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) each have typical temperature and climatic characters.

Due to the topographical diversity and the relatively large west-east expanse, there are three quite different climatic regions:

East: Pannonian climate with a continental influence – low precipitation, hot summers but only moderately cold winters.

Alpine Region: Alpine climate - high precipitation (except inner Alpine valley regions such as the upper Inntal), short summers, long winters.

Remainder of the country: transient climate influenced by the Atlantic (in the West) and a continental influence in the South-east. Before starting your walk or hike in the mountains please inform yourself about the weather conditions, danger of avalanges or route conditions. Warnings of locals should not be disregarded.

Travel times:
The best time for hiking and walking tours or to visit a city is from April to October. The peak season for summer vacation is July and August. The best time to enjoy your winter vacation is from December to March.

Summer up to 95 degree Fahrenheit / average: 68 degree Fahrenheit
Winter up to - 4 degree Fahrenheit / average: 32 degree Fahrenheit