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Austria recaptures the spirit of a bygone era: Ornate palaces, imperial monuments and echoes of Mozart’s music abound – all remind travelers of life as it once was. Nowadays, visitors to Austria discover exciting movement afoot. Austria’s vibrant wine scene has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation and is the destination for those seeking energy, culture, and charm.

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Podcasts on Wine

Listen to Austrian wine makers as they talk about their experience. Podcast series from the Wine Country

Austria’s Top 8 Wine Hotels

Exploring the countryside around Vienna often leads to discovery of quaint villages in picturesque wine regions. Unique wine hotels offer much more than just views of vineyards.

Austria’s Top 8 Wine Hotels

Wine & Gourmet Trips

What truly distinguishes Austria as a culinary Mecca is the incredible variety of tastes that make up our cuisine.
  Wine & Gourmet offers


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