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Austrian Wine 101

Years ago if one were to proclaim, “I sure do love Austrian wine!” the response would have been blank stares or, “Indeed. I really like their Shiraz.” Nowadays, when one expresses enthusiasm for Austrian wine, the likely response is, “I love Grüner Veltliner,” or “I’ve had fantastic Austrian dessert wine."

There is much to learn about Austrian wine and we invite you to log on the “Austrian Wine Adventure Tour”

  • Learn about the history of wine in Austria and get the skinny on what’s happening right now on the Austrian wine scene
  • Take virtual tours through Austria’s wine region
  • Discover a plethora of pairing suggestions you can try with Austrian wine in your own kitchen
  • Not sure how to pronounce, “Zweigelt,” or “Grüner Veltliner?” Learn how to pronounce common terms on Austrian wine labels by listening to a native speaker

Ready, go: Austrian Wine Adventure Tour

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Podcasts on Wine

Listen to Austrian wine makers as they talk about their experience and learn more about Austria's wine culture.
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Wine & Gourmet Trips

What truly distinguishes Austria as a culinary Mecca is the incredible variety of tastes that make up our cuisine. Add to that award-winning wines that are taking America and the world by storm.
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Austria’s Top 8 Wine Hotels

Discover quaint wine villages while exploring the countryside around Vienna and stay at unique wine hotels, that offer much more than just views of vineyards.

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Austria. Itineraries.

Looking for unforgettable experiences in Austria? Here are our suggestions for amazing places to see and delicious food to taste.


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