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Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

The Cheese Route through the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is the ideal way to explore the region and its close ties with cheese-making: from dairy farms to cheese specialty inns, and from alpine pastures to milkmaids. If you love cheese, this is for you.

Cheese-making looks back on a long history in the Bregenzerwald and has left its mark on the region’s culture and traditions.

The Bregenzerwald Cheese Road is also an opportunity to enjoy the beauties of a lovingly tended rural landscape as well as the produce of the region’s dairy farms: creamy natural yoghurt and smooth locally churned butter.
The route is not so much a single road as a local network ideally linking the various aspects of cheese production. It takes in many of the most memorable features of the Bregenzerwald: the fine old traditional buildings, the deeply rooted crafts traditions, and folklore, all immersed in the idyllic setting of a region which remains a world in itself.

HIGHLIGHT: Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Hittisau
The exhibit includes an alpine dairy kitchen exactly the way it was used 300 years ago. The expert tour guides explain how the various historic utensils were used in the making of the cheese.
Open: Wed 10 am - 5 pm

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