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Graz: Striking Architecture & Mediterranean Flair

To visit Austria is to experience brilliant architecture amid historic settings. As is the case in the city of Graz, a Renaissance jewel two hours south of Vienna, also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture.

Graz -House of Cultur © Graz -Haus der Kulur

Graz has a penchant for experiments with modern architecture that highlight the beauty of its medieval city center. Visit the Kunsthaus to see just how starkly its design contrasts the traditional cityscape. Its bubble-glass skin earned it the nickname "Friendly Alien". Then there's Vito Acconci's floating island in the river Mur, the synagogue, reconstructed in 2000, or the newly built MUMUTH with its sleek design and perfect acoustics. Here, instead of seeking to provoke, modern architecture blends in and accentuates to create a harmonious contemporary living space.

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