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Café Sacher Vienna

Since 1876, when the Hotel Sacher Vienna was founded, the Sacher Hotels have combined tradition, luxury, style and Austrian charm with comfort and highest quality service. After more than 120 years, the Sacher Hotels and Cafes have almost become an Austrian landmark and are an integral part of Austrian culture.

Original Sacher Torte © Hotel Sacher Wien

In 1832 the cake that started it all, the iconic Original Sacher-Torte, was invented by Franz Sacher, then a 16 year old apprentice at the court of Prince Metternich. The Torte, which some call the “first popular chocolate cake in the world,” is made up of layers of dense chocolate cake, spread (always by hand) with apricot jam, and iced with dark chocolate. Each year, the Hotel Sacher produces over 360,000 Original Sacher-Tortes for distribution around the world. Since the recipe is kept a secret, nowhere else is this rich—yet not overly sweet—dessert available, except in a shop in northern Italy.

In 2009, Elisabeth Gürtler of Hotel Sacher introduced the “Artists’ Collection”: 1,000 Original Sacher-Tortes packed in a traditional wooden box designed by a well-known Austrian artist. This year, the Artists’ Collection box was designed by iconic Austrian artist and professor Christian Ludwig Attersee. 100% of the proceeds go to local charities. To order an Original Sacher-Torte, or the Artists’ Collection, go to

The cake itself is best enjoyed with a generous helping of Schlag (whipped cream) and one of the Viennese coffee specialties. And most importantly: be sure you have plenty of time to savor every single bite…

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