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Swarovski Crystal Worlds

For over a hundred years the Swarovski family has been demonstrating how artistically crafted glass crystals have the power to enchant. With the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, in Wattens, the family went one step further, creating a special cosmos of wonder, in which the magic of crystal is "staged" in a variety of imaginative ways.

Crystal worlds Swarovski © Kristallwelten Swarovski

The "Crystal Worlds" consist of fourteen "Chambers of Wonder" created by world-renowned artists and designers such as Alexander McQueen, Tord Boontje and Brian Eno.
Take a time-out from everyday life, discover your inner child and let your imagination roam on this journey through a magical world of crystal fantasies. With Crystal being an age-old symbol for change and transformation, the Crystal Worlds are continually extended, redesigned and transformed, in order to create new space for dreaming.

When you enter the Crystal Worlds through the mouth of an enormous “Giant”, you’ll not only find the fascinating Chambers of Wonder within, but a Crystal Stage, the largest world-wide Swarovski Shop, and the Café-terra, with exquisite meals and drinks.