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The Murinsel in Graz is an artificial floating island made of steel and glass reconnecting the city and its river. On the floating island, drink a coffee, listen to live music, and simply enjoy the view over the city from a different view.

The Mur River, dividing the city of Graz in two, lost much of its mystique when the rafts carrying goods on the river ceased operating. Graz’s stint as “Cultural Capital of Europe 2003” was the impetus to make the river a central part of the city once again.

New York artist Vito Acconci designed an accessible artificial island to make the river accessible again. The project, constructed of 47m-long steel with curves and twisted shapes appearing like a half-opened shell, was a hit. Wave-like blue benches form an amphitheatre for events of all kinds. Under the water cooled domed glass roof, a café in blue and white offers the opportunity to enjoy floating on the Mur – a new feeling even for locals. 

The island even has navigation lights. But as it is shining in bright blue at night, the Mur Island cannot, and will not be overlooked anyway.

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Floating Island of Graz


Mariahilferplatz 1
8020 Graz

Telephone: +43 316 8727900


Mariahilferplatz 1
8020 Graz

Telephone: +43 316 8727900

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