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The world-famous artist Daniel Spoerri has purchased two Baroque style houses and developed those in a complete piece of art providing enjoyment and culture.

 © Lukas Beck

Hadersdorf am Kamp

Hadersdorf am Kamp on the map

This museum-restaurant hybrid celebrates everyday things in life becoming extraordinary. Just 35-miles northwest of Vienna, “Eat Art Esslokal” was established in a reclaimed monastery that once housed the village of Hadersdorf’s first silent movie theater. The artist and founder, Daniel Spoerri became famous for his “Tableaux Pièges”, sculptures made by gluing down used dishes and leftovers from meals to tabletops. During a visit to Hadersdorf in 2008, Spoerri was enamored with renovated houses in the village center that dated back to the Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic eras. In this village, Spoerri saw an opportunity to create his art on a much larger scale.

Spoerri’s tabletop collages decorate the walls and Chef Ibo Altun serves up a minimal but vibrant menu that changes weekly. The food is always seasonal, locally-sourced, and cooked slowly. Interested in bringing home the perfect souvenir from this artistic dining experience? Try one of the handcrafted goods for sale by the artists: a bottle of olive oil from the Tuscany area “Giardino” by Spoerri or Orange Jelly from the Spanish artist Marina Blanca.