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At the Blumentritt
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The village of St. Ägyd am Neuwald is located on the ancient pilgrimage route to Mariazell. But since the “Blumentritt” is also on the selfsame route, it is possible that your pilgrimage might be delayed a bit.

 © Landgasthof Zum Blumentritt

St. Aegyd / Neuwalde

St. Aegyd / Neuwalde on the map
For a very long time, the Blumentritt Inn was treated as an esoteric, secret tip. After all, it was rather isolated. And the dedication of the hosts was quite unusual. All that is yesterday, the restaurant has become an institution, even if the two sisters, Ulrike Hollerer-Reichl and Christa Hollerer perform their devotions utterly without pretensions. Anyone and everyone who loves to eat well and drink well is welcome. To begin with, the cook Ulrike takes over the processing of regional and international products in turning them into light, airy, intensively aromatic dishes. They awaken every appetite, each guest savours every bite, yet her meals create no heavy feeling of having overdone it. Christa Hollerer accompanies these fireworks from her station in the superbly stocked wine cellar, providing the right bottle for every taste and whim. And since, as everyone knows, tomorrow also has to be managed, there are also modern and comfortable guest rooms for any and all who wish to spend the night.

Zum Blumentritt
Markt 20
3193 St. Aegyd / Neuwalde
T: +43 (0) 2768 2277

Closed: Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday