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The Bärenwirt (“The Bear”) owes its label to the legend of a medieval knight who vanquished a menacing bear. Nowadays, bears are not on the menu, but arriving guests tend to be hungry as a bear nonetheless.

 © Bärenwirt


Petzenkirchen on the map
Patron Erich Mayrhofer is an innkeeper they way that guild used to be: always on the go, always hand-on, highly voluble and well versed in the ways of the trade, truly at home in kitchen and wine cellar. And even though his restaurant has now collected an enviable array of awards, he still believes it should stay a real inn, just the way it was meant to be, where you get fantastic goulash or a classic Wiener schnitzel. Beyond that, he takes detours to creative fields. Even if he shies away from bear meat, the nearby forests and streams deliver wondrous ingredients from venison to trout. Adding the right glass of wine to such things is unproblematic for him; Mayrhofer was awarded Lower Austria’s "Winekeeper of the Year 2009", and he has a wonderfully stocked cellar, as well as comfortable guest rooms, just in case your oenophile studies get carried away.

Ybbser Straße 3
3252 Petzenkirchen
Tel.: +43 7416 521530

Opening times:
daily 09:00 am - midnight
Sunday and holidays: 09:00 am - 03:00 pm