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Forest Wine Bar
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The antiquated name “Waldschänke” sounds inviting, even if it doesn’t reveal what might lie behind it: namely, one of Austria’s very best country inns.

 © Landgasthof Waldschänke
To begin with, the “Waldschänke” is really precisely what it says: a picturesque inn at the edge of the forest with a lovely garden for guests to dine in. In the clement seasons, you can eat at gorgeous ease beneath the fruit trees.

Elisabeth Grabmer’s cuisine, however, has made a name for this inn far and wide, giving it a very special ring. Largely from regional products, she creates with crystal-clear handwriting her own dishes and places them sovereignly in the ranks of gourmet offerings. Crevettes, fresh fish, wild regional game, veal, lamb, etc. all from suppliers she has known and trusted since ages past, those are the foundations of this cuisine which is firmly rooted in the immediate surroundings, yet which also manifests Mediterranean accents.

The wine selections should be left to host (and wine aficinado) Heinz Grabmer, he will navigate the route through your meal and the more than 1,000 wines in his cellar with masterful dexterity.

Kickendorf 15
4710 Grieskirchen
Tel. +43 (0) 7248 / 62 30 8

Opening Hours:
Wednesday - Friday: 
6 pm - midnight
Saturday:  11:30 am -2:30 pm and 6 pm -midnight
Sunday: 11:30 am -3:30