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If you try to imagine the ideal, typical, country inn in the ideal site, the picture your imagination comes up with is devilishly close to the actual Gannerhof in Innervillgraten. Everything here is just...picture perfect.

 © Gannerhof


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The village itself seems as if it popped out of a dream, and the bubble of well being and enjoyment which the Mühlmann family has built up here in and around a typical old farmhouse which evolved from unspeakably modest beginnings is impressive. It is nowadays an address well known far beyond state borders. The secret is...that there is no secret. Except quality, and regionality. Baking your own bread, using the mountain lambs from the nearby slopes and transforming them to marvellous culinary creations, adding the best wines to the overall work or art. And then adding lovely guest rooms for all those who would like to linger awhile, it sounds so easy, so self-evident...

9932 Innervillgraten 93
Tel: +43 (0) 4843 5240