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Restaurant Guth is a modern temple of fine dining without requiring any inhibitions to cross the threshold. Here, the natural lightness of enjoyment is celebrated without limit and by everyone.

Actually, one ought to name this restaurant not ‘Guth’, but ‘Better’, since both patron and chef-de-cuisine Thomas Scheucher are simply not satisfied to do something which is ‘guth’. Their finely honed creations are not merely taste sensations, but are wonders to behold, visually speaking as well. The highly modern, flooded-with-light ambience also makes amply clear that this is not a run-of-the-mill inn, but a veritable, glorious restaurant. You sit and enjoy your meal while meditating on the views of the garden (which is akin to a park) and complete your meal wafting on clouds of overriding lightness.

Restaurant Guth
Waelderstrasse 10
6923 Lauterach
Tel +43 (0) 5574 72470