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Haberl Inn & Fink’s Genuine Delikatessen
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Delicate food is something you can rely on here, at this age-old country inn: both in the dining room and in the manufacture, where exquisite homemade products are made for the tasting, and to take away.

 © Gasthaus Haberl

A finch (i.e. “fink”) has to fly away before it can ultimately return to the nest, enriched by all it has learned in the big world. Hans-Peter Fink, who hails from Riegersburg, earned a certain reputation for his years at Vienna’s Hotel Sacher, as well as for the Sacher cookbook which he wrote, together with cookbook doyen Christoph Wagner. He then took over the lovely country house in Walkersdorf near Ilz, together with his wife Bettina and her brother Mario. On the border to southern Styria’s vineyard hills, he cooks in a quality that simply doesn’t let guests drive past. First and foremost is his authentic, but newly interpreted regional cuisine, for which he draws all the best products from the surrounding regions. Besides local (untranslatable) gems like Kiachl Soup, Wadl Goulash from high alpine beef, Heidensterz  and its cousins, he also demonstrates excursions to creative grande cuisine, at which he is a true talent. His brother-in-law Mario always finds just the right wine to enhance this artistry from the wonderfully appointed wine cellar; while Bettina Fink at her “manufacture” makes her own chutneys, marinated fruits, pestos and sugos under the label of Fink’s Delicatessen.

Haberl Inn & Fink's Genuine Delikatessen
Walkersdorf 23
8282 Ilz