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Healing power out of nature: the “Speik”
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In the Nock mountains, located in Carinthia grows a worldwide unique medical plant. Its special scent and its exceptional healing power can be discovered by hikers strolling in the mountains.

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Those who are looking for the “Speik” have to climb up high in the mountains leaving the tree line of the Carinthian Alps far behind. At 1800 meters above sea level at the nature protection area of the Biosphärenpark Nock mountain it can be found. In former days this for millenniums well known plant was actually bought for its weight in gold because the beneficial “Speik” relaxes without making you tired and revives body, soul and mind. Starting right from Bad Kleinkirchheim are guided “Speik” exploring walks offered and eleven traditional mountain huts offer “Speik” feet soaking bathes in wooden buckets. The plant with its herb-fresh and spicy scent can be considered the celebrity of the hiking season – especially during the months of July and August scent sensations are guaranteed. Those who get hungry form all the sniffing adventures may take a rest at one of the mountain huts and enjoy those typically tasty dishes from Carinthia.