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Iglhauser’s Schlosshotel
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This comfortable castle hotel grew out of an original “imperial tavern” on the lake. The cuisine grew out of regional products and organic produce.

 © Schlosshotel Iglhauser
A splendidly beautiful castle located on the shores of Lake Mattsee. With that as a point of departure, no one really needs to do anything more. Yet the only ones who laze about here are the guests, namely on the lakeside lounging lawn of the dignified hotel. The other industrious souls, fired onward by Anna Iglhauser the chatellaine, are busy as bees making sure that the guests feel at home. The most important item in those efforts is the outstanding cuisine, of course, which consists of 90% products from their own organic farm. The fish come from their own waters. And the children can romp and tumble about in their own playground, including a petting zoo. And, and, and.....

Schlosshotel Iglhauser
Schlossbergweg 4
5163 Mattsee
Tel. +43 (6217) 5205