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The name piques one’s curiosity, justifiably so. Because Inamera is practically an icon in a pioneering a new breed of cooking and dining in Burgenland which is already pointing the way to the future.

 © Restaurant Inamera
Inamera means, more or less, “several”. In other words, when you eat and drink, “several” people tend to get together and enjoy themselves in convivial pleasures. At its grand opening, the restaurant brought a modern accent, both architecturally and culinarily, to the rustic restaurant landscape all around Lake Neusiedl.  That hasn’t changed to this day. Out of the best ingredients he can obtain, Andrea Weihrauch keeps on making astonishly new creations. They are unconventional, yet superbly harmonious. Thus, eating is not only delicious here, it is imaginative, stimulating and fun, as well. Examples: nuggest of goose liver with pumpkin and plums, smoked eel, chocolate and brioche. Or roast saddle of venison, red beets and dumplings of curd cheese and poppy seed. The wine cellar is replete with the best varieties, under the personal supervision of patron Gerhard Weidl himself. Since he is an avowed wine lover, he places great value on offering the very best wines to his guests by the glass.

Restaurant Inamera
Oggauer Street 29
7071 Rust