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Mooslechner’s Bürgerhaus
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Mooslechner’s Bürgerhaus is a little piece of paradise in the heart of Rust. It has a highly individual hotel and a first class restaurant.

 © Mooslechners Bürgerhaus
All you do is walk through the front door, and lo, you have entered a different world. The inner courtyard alone, at this magnificent old bourgeois house in Rust built in 1537, with its hand-wrought iron tables and chairs and countless tiny, wondrous details and accessories, enchants literally everyone at first sight. No doubt about it, patroness Tina Mooslechner loves to design her surroundings and has a deft hand to realize those talents with. You see it in the old wooden ceilings in the restaurant and in the hotel, where each room tells its very own story. This is a place to slow down, breathe deeply again, feel good, hide out...and, of course, enjoy life. Fine cuisine is an integral part of the plan here, implemented by a dedicated young kitchen brigade. And patron Michael Mooslechner supervises the whole production. Lots of the components of your meal come from right next door, so to speak; except for the mature, redolent French cheeses. The ideal wine is usually tapped by Tina Mooslechner from the immediately surrounding vineyards of Burgenland.
Mooslechner's Buergerhaus
Hauptstrasse 1
7071 Rust

Tel:  +11 43 2685-6162

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday