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The Muhr in Gallbrunn used to be a village inn, until gourmet food made its grand entrance. But the old inn dishes simply refused to abandon the premises.

 © Landgasthof Muhr
It is a high-wire act to please everyone at once - practically no one can do it to satisfaction. Of course, there are occasional exceptions, such as the Muhr, where you can find the right thing for every imaginable taste and eating mood. On the one hand, senior patroness Gertraud Muhr prepares traditional regional dishes, with a particular accent on fresh water fish from the region. On the other, Jakob Muhr junior  (who studied in the star-studded gourmet heavens during his years as journeyman) wins the acclaim of guests with his inspired creations, in which he uses regional products and injects them with international flair. Just reading the titles makes your mouth water: Gallbrunn liverwurst with calvados + Granny Smith apples in a glass; venison calf and young boar with shitake crêpe terrine + apple-rosemary mousse; organic beef tartare with baguette chips and lukewarm cherry tomato pesto. And then, the counterpoint appears, when slaughtering time arrives at the Muhrs’, and robust local dishes like bloodwurst and pan-fried meats are on offer, the ancient era of country inn cooking is reborn.

Restaurant Muhr
Hauptstraße 87
2463 Gallbrunn
T: +43 2230 2858

Closed on Wednesday and Thursday