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Open air museum in the Weinviertl
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The largest open-air museum of Lower Austria is an entire village: Where 80 historical buildings were disassembled from all over the Weinviertl and rebuilt again true to their original construction at Niedersulz.

 © Österreich Werbung/Diejun
Craftsman and farm houses, a mill, a village square, a cemetery, four chapels and a lot of side buildings form the not at all small village, which emerged within the last 30 years. Inside the historic buildings are thousands of objects displayed, which were collected in the villages of the Weinviertl: from painted farm furniture to wooden wine presses, which were used for centuries for processing the harvested grapes. In addition is the Museum-Village a center of rural garden culture: outside of the houses bloom glorious front gardens in historic farm garden style. A year-round open inn, a farm with live animals, a museum shop and numerous events create for visitors of this idyllic village an enjoyable voyage in the past.