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Saziani Stub’n
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The so-called Saziani Stub’n is the culinary pinnacle of an all-encompassing work of the art of fine living which the Neumeister family has created on the Sazianiberg in Straden.

 © Restaurant Saziani Stub'n
Saziani is the name of a wine hillside and the spot where a fairy tale of wine history had its beginnings. The early stages were modest, to say the least: where guests eat in splendour today, wine used to be made. The Saziani Stub’n was a simple, good quality wine bar with snacks. Over the years, the Neumeisters built up winemaking facilities which became one of the most formidable wine estates in Styria. In exquisite ambience combining in breathtaking fashion the old and the new, a modern, creative and healthy concept of cuisine has been brought to light, based on products of the region, with particular focus on organic agriculture. It is rounded out by the Saziani listings of fine delicacies, little dishes of creative gems to take along home with you, e.g. grape seed oil, marinated chanterelles and other juicy specimens. And for those who want to linger awhile and breathe in this marvellous atmosphere for a bit longer, there are wonderful “Sleep-Well Saziani” apartments awaiting guests, where they can savour not just the house, but the entire region which lies at their feet.