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Christian and Simone Göttfried are masters at their craft. He reigns in the kitchen, she with the wines. And at the “Schrot” you will find the perfect refuge to enjoy - and celebrate - their art.

 © Gasthof Schrot
This is a place where ordinary order is turned on its head, for the simple reason that it is important to do so. Thus: Alkoven is not the navel of the world. Therefore, it is a good thing that there are guest rooms at the Schrot. In particular, because patroness Simone Göttfried is one of the most sophisticated sommelieres in the land, she truly masters wine knowledge at the uppermost limits. Her agenda does not only include the best from Austria, but anything you can name from France, Italy, the New World and of course, her own country, Germany. Her collection of fine spirits and brandies is on a par with the wines. Thus, it is no wonder that Mrs. Göttfried invariably knows - and can bring to your table - just the right thing to accompany your meal. Which, in turn, is created by her husband Christian Göttfried, who learned from Franz Haas at Munich’s Tantris, later at Castle Dürnstein and in the Schlosstaverne of Grafenegg and subsequently struck out on his own. In a wonderful, comfortable ambience combining elements old and new, Göttfried creates foods out of both regional and international top products which cover a spectrum from Wiener schnitzel to guinea hens, scallops, etc.

Gasthof Schrot
Alte Hauptstraße 38
4072 Alkoven
Tel +43 (0)7274-71400

Opening hours:
Wed - Sat: 11:30 am - 2 pm and 6 - 10 pm
Sunday 11:30 am - 6 pm