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Steira Wirt
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Behind the massive, thick walls of this dignified country estate in the center of Trautmannsdorf, you will find a tried-and-tested country inn, but with one of the best mealtime offers in Styria.

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Trautmannsdorf 6

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Brother and sister, Sonja, hostess, and Richard Rauch, chef-de-cuisine, are an unshakeably congenial team. She “runs” the place with her forthright charm, always ready to recommend the perfect wine or suitable schnaps from her rich collection; and he, in the sector of pleasures of the palate, will fulfil your every desire. Regardless whether you are in the mood for something robust, down-to-earth, such as beef rolls, roast pork and suckling pig; or creative, internationally refined through enormous assuredness of style and best products, Richard Rauch, who learned his craft in the best restaurants of Europe, proves that he is a master in every genre. Thus, the only problem facing the guest is where to begin, and what to choose. And yet, there is a solution: you can ask Richard Rauch to “simply cook something” for you, and sister Sonja to “simply choose the right wines” for you, and then hold onto your hats. Supported by the family butchery right next door, the home of “Johann pork” and a variety of sausage and bacon specialties, you will be taken on a wonderful ride through the best you can eat. And you can purchase their products to take home with you as well.