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The Bear
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Two ferocious chefs are at work in the kitchen of The Bear in the Lavanttal: father and son Trippolt together bring their own ideas to ‘bear’ regarding top cuisine, and the fruits they ‘bear’ are worth savoring.

 © Ernst Peter Prokop

Bad St. Leonhard

Bad St. Leonhard on the map
In this restaurant, the burden of choice is occasionally excruciating: the menu of Josef Trippolt senior, or the menu of Josef Trippolt junior? It is purely a matter of taste, you might say, yet both gentlemen make it hard on their guests. For in this ‘paradise’ in Carinthia, as the Trippolts dub their picturesque town of Bad St. Leonhard, the two of them perform an amicable cooking duel, in which they are competing for the favour of their worthy guests. Both set great store in the ‘noonday table’ with daily changing programmes freshly prepared and 3-course menus always available for delectation. That is the place to get to know their repertoire. In the evening, they both raise the ante, with the best of local and regional products. It begins innocuously, e.g. with Carinthian noodles, but leads up and up and up to creations such as roasts of mountain lamb in rosemary/lavender jus with polenta/olive pasta and cranberries/red cabbage or honeyed quail on orange-cinnamon cranberries with marinated duck liver and glazed chestnuts. The palate sings!

Zum Baeren
Hauptplatz 7
9462 Bad St. Leonhard
Tel. +43 (0) 4350 2257