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The Penz
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A glass palace with panorama views: in terms of furnishings, The Penz, located in the heart of Innsbruck, is not much different than other 4-star hotels. That special something is to be discovered on the fifth floor, where the bar and restaurant offer spectacular views of Innsbruck by night.

This panorama is no less charming in the morning light, particularly when one is enjoying a top-flight breakfast: delectable pâtés, sumptuous ham, cheese, and fish specialities, as well as an unusually extensive selection of exotic fruits like fresh pomegranates, prickly pears, and pitayas.

It is not surprising that The Penz has long established itself as a favourite brunch spot for Innsbruckers. However the hotel’s outstanding location also should be mentioned: only a few minutes’ walk from the galleries, museums, shops, and bars of the city’s historic city centre. Also worth mentioning: the remarkable glass-sheathed façade with its panorama lift and the extremely friendly and helpful staff – from the very informative receptionist to the attentive waiter at breakfast, who by the second day knows to ask, “Are you ready for your second cappuccino?”