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T.O.M. am Kochen
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Where once upon a time the host of the church inn ran a rather modest establishment, Thomas Riederer today operates one of the most exciting and least conventional kitchens in Styria.

 © Restaurant T.O.M.
When Tom is cooking, you never really know what surpises he has in store for you. Some of the dishes you find listed on the menu can even make tried-and-tested gourmets scratch their heads. Yet this self-taught chef who is a bubbling geyser of new ideas knows precisely what he is after. And as soon as the unlikely-sounding dish arrives at the table of the guests, no one harbours any further doubts. The components which seemed unseemly now magically go together in superbly conceived harmony. This is the right place for all gourmet adventurers to head to; it is a culinary journey yoking Styria and the Mediterranean which takes along all the best regional ingredients, and wines from his cellar of 700 different varieties, including the very best from Friuli, Istria and Slovenia, which are rarely to be found in these parts, and combines them to form fireworks of enjoyment. He also has two guest rooms which can be used to enjoy a further gem: the next morning’s gourmet breakfast.