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Zu den drei Hacken
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The inn known as “Zu den drei Hacken” (“The Three Hatchets”) is one of the city’s oldest. It is lovingly maintained, and serves utterly contemporary foods and wines at their best.

 © Zu den 3 Hacken /Thomas Ramstorfer
Illustrious artists such as Franz Schubert, Johann Nestroy or Moritz von Schwind frequented this inn, sipped their favourite beverages or worked on drawings and sketches. They, too, knew that “The Three Hatchets” is a great place to wile away the hours and eat well. Little has changed beneath the antique arched vaulting since those days of age-old tradition. The cuisine has remained classic, yet presented in perfection at a very high level of quality: after all, how can you improve on a succulent roast pork with cabbage and dumplings; sautéed kidneys with parsley potatoes; or “horse-cabby’s goulash” accompanied by sautéed sliced dumpling, sunny-side-up egg, sausage and cucumber? It’s a fact, you can still eat here just they way they did in Schubert’s day, except that the wines are now far better, and unfold in rich variety. That is the special domain of Josefine Zawadil, the patroness, who is also a wine merchant at the nearby “Drei Hacken Magazin” shop. There, you can poke your way through shelf upon shelf of wines to select the one which speaks to you, then drink it at the inn, alongside Viennese dishes rippling with panache.

Restaurant "Zu den drei Hacken"
Singerstraße 28
1010 Vienna
Tel. 011 43 1 5125895