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Berg, Alban (1885 - 1935)

The composer Alban Berg was born in Vienna on February 9, 1885. At the age of only fifteen Berg began to compose his first Lieder, which were inspired by Romantic and late Romantic models.

Alban Berg

Berg’s youth was marked by his asthma, which first began to manifest itself in 1900, and by the death of his father. An unhappy romance and failure to pass his secondary school exam led to an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Berg, who was a student of Arnold Schönberg, is considered a major exponent of twelve-tone music.

Together with Schönberg and Anton von Webern, Berg belongs to the ”New Vienna School”. The range of Alban Berg’s work extends from operas such as Wozzeck and Lulu to lieder, orchestral and chamber music and a violin concert. Alban Berg died in Vienna on December 24, 1935.