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Dining Experiences in Burgenland

Looking for an upscale dining experience in Burgenland? We have compiled a list of restaurants, that will enhance you travel experience.

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Hauptstrasse 33
7081 Schuetzen
Located about 1 hour south of Vienna close to Lake Neusiedl this Relaix & Chateau restaurant features amazing high-end (yet local) cuisine.

Gut Purbach
Hauptgasse 64
7083 Purbach
Located in the old town of Purbach, where one finds the quadrangular courtyard of the manor, comprising of the oldest tavern, the adjoining office and the district jail.

Mole West
7100 Neusiedl am See
This restaurant delivers a fine casual dining experience right on Lake Neusiedl and is a favorite meeting spot in Summer.

This listing is just a small selection of the many luxury restaurant in Austria. If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in your travel destination, we suggest to check out Fallstaff Gourmet Club. The site is in German language only.