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Klosterneuburg Abbey © Stift Klosterneuburg

Stift Klosterneuburg

Experience 900 years of Culture Klosterneuburg Abbey provides a treasure trove of unique experiences. It has been a custodian of valuable art of centuries and features world famous items such as the Verdun Altar. The abbey is also Austria's oldest wine estate and its many award winning wines have earned a stellar reputation. As of May 2011, another highilght awaits visitors: the opening of the Abbey's treasury holding the Archducal Crown of Austria.

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Cafe-Restaurant in the Cupola Hall © Cafe-Restaurant in the Cupola Hall, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

World-class Art & Culinary Delights

Featuring world-renowned collections dating back five millennia, Austria’s principal museum of fine arts is an institution devoted to indulging our senses. To that end, the extraordinary gallery experience has been paired with an exceptional culinary one. The café and restaurant, situated at the heart of the museum, affords not just gastronomical delights, but an architectural feast, too. There could be no better way of appreciating a city's storied culture.

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Typopassage © Typopassage, quartier21

Public Art Spaces at the MQ Vienna

At the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, art and culture are omnipresent. Even the walkways and vaulted passages that lead to the courtyards of the MQ feature numerous art installations. As part of the quartier 21, the resident creative cluster which focuses on media-, conceptual- and sound-art, the passageways are not only an innovative way to give visitors a taste of what awaits inside Europe’s largest cultural complex, but feature great art installations in their own right.

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