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Stunning and Surprising Art & Architecture

From Baroque palaces to modern museums, Austria's architectural landscape and art scene is as varied as the country itself.

Augarten Palais © Schloss Augarten
A Walk of Design at Augarten Palace
Augarten Porcelain Wien stands for 300 years of sophisticated craftsmanship,...
 © Wien Museum
See the world through Gustav Klimt
Explore the 24 viewpoints located along the shore of the Attersee that reveal...
Kunsthaus Exterior © Graz Tourismus
Say Hello to Graz's Friendly Alien
The truly singular Kunsthaus hosts contemporary art exhibitions, a café and...
The Murinsel © Graz Tourismus
Floating Island of Graz
The Murinsel in Graz is an artificial floating island made of steel and glass...
Giant Ferris Wheel at dusk © AV 15767_Riesenrad bei Nacht, Austrian Tourist Office
Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel
One of the oldest operating Ferris Wheels in the world, the Wiener Riesenrad is...
Secession Building in Vienna © Wien Tourismus
This architectural manifesto of the Vienna Secession Movement is filled with the...
Shopping Lindengasse © WienTourismus, Karl Thomas
Emerging Designers in Vienna
Making a splash on the fashion scene, a wave of smart boutiques refreshes the...
Shopping at Kastner & Oehler in Graz © Graz Tourismus
A shopping temple for Graz
At Kastner & Oehler shopping to your heart’s content is something that is easy...
Superior Junior Suite © Hotel Sacher
Culture & Art at Sacher Salzburg
Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, a jewel of baroque architecture, and nestled in...
Hangar-7 in Salzburg © Gerald Rihar / Red Bull Hangar-7
Hangar 7 - an arts & culinary temple
This architectural, arts & culinary temple located right at the Salzburg Airport...
 © Jutta Kirchner, Tiergarten Schönbrunn / Vienna Zoo
Explore the Schönbrunn Zoo
The world’s oldest zoo is alive with activity day and night, rain or shine.
 © Brigida Gonzales
Reopening the Kunstkammer Vienna
The most important collection of its kind, the Kunstkammer Vienna, returned –...
 © Vorarlberg Tourismus GmbH
Discover Vorarlberg Architecture
With clever use of traditional materials and clear, sleek design, the...
Vinofaktur © Vinofaktur
A Paradise for Foodies
The Vinofaktur in Vogau, Styria invites you to taste and experience the...
 © pixelio/Carlo Schrodt
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Discover the more than 900-year-old Hohensalzburg Fortress, an evidence of...
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