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Burgenland: Home of Legends

Meet Franz Liszt, Wunderkind, piano virtuoso, playboy and abbé, citizen of the world, and self-proclaimed “gypsy musician,” in the hills of Central Burgenland, Austria’s eastern-most region.

Beyond the foothills of the Sopron Mountains, land and sky become equally flat -- and equally vast. It's here that Central Burgenland opens up to the Hungarian Basin, and the Pannonian climate yields the perfect conditions for the beloved local wines. And it's here that legends are made.

Franz Liszt, piano virtuoso and self-proclaimed gypsy musician, was born in the village of Raiding. Today, two centuries later, the stunning Franz Liszt Concert Hall sits directly adjacent to the site of his birth -- itself now a museum to the great composer. Austria has always been a pace-setter, whether in art, design, architecture, wine or music, and that fact comes to life every year here at the renowned Liszt Festival. The always-memorable gathering of acclaimed musicians will be once again remarkable and worthwhile a visit to this young, vibrant, and dynamic region.