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Burgenland’s Liquid Gold

Savor one of the world’s rare noble sweet wines.

Glas of sweet wine © Sweet Gold_Auslese, R. Staudinger
Not many regions can claim to consistently produce noble sweet wines of outstanding quality year after year. Thanks to the extraordinary climate conditions around Lake Neusiedl, the Burgenland is one of those rare places. Its vintners produce a variety of award-winning dessert wines, from the slightly sweet Spätlese to the more intensive Trockenbeerenauslese. Other specialties include Ausbruch, found mostly around the picturesque village of Rust, and reed wines, which require the grapes to be dried on reed mats for a minimum of two months. Ice-wine is another local variety which is made from grapes harvested only after the first frost of the year. 

The complex process of producing Beerenauslese, Ausbruch and Trockenbeerenauslese would not be possible without the noble rot Botrytis cinerea, hence the term noble sweet wines. Botrytis thrives in warm-humid weather and has to set in at precisely the right time, when the grapes are ripe but still hanging on the vine.

The resulting wines can be paired with a wide variety of dishes ranging from starters to desserts and cheese selections. Of course, all this is best savored on location in the Burgenland, where the local wine taverns provide just the right atmosphere.