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Culinary Hike in Styria

Located in the Southern part of Styria, the Südsteirische Weinstrasse (South Styrian Wine Road) is often compared to Italy’s Tuscany. Almost no other Austrian wine region has undergone such dramatic transformations in the past 20 years as this region, 1 hour south of Graz.

Klapotetz (wooden wind wheel)

Exquisite wines, wine taverns with enchanting views, fine restaurants and idyllic hiking trails make this off-the-beaten path region a true delight for walkers who love nature, food, and wine.

The 44 mile-long South Styrian Wine Road runs from Glanz-Leutschach – Gamlitz-Ehrenhausen to Strass. Take the “Glanzer Weintour,” a 6.5 mile long, well-marked hiking trail that is part of this road. Start your journey in the village of Glanz. Walk up and down gentle hills passing by vineyards, enjoying the sounds of the wooden “Klapotetz’s,” a wind-powered landpost designed to scare the birds away while the grapes are ripening on the vines. 

Stop at artistically designed wineries and try the region’s dry, crisp, fruity and aromatic white wines with varieties like Welschriesling, Gelber Muskateller or Sauvignon Blanc. “Morillon” is the Styrian name for Chardonnay. It is seldom aged in new oak and the creamy apple flavor and refreshing crispness make it perfect to pair with the fried chicken and green salad dressed with Styrian pumpkinseed oil. After a good day’s walk check-in to one of the many small inns along the way, run by local farmers and winemakers and watch the sun settle over the vineyards while sipping a well-earned glass of wine.