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Graz: Arms, Arts & Armor

Walking through endless rows of heavy halberds, needle sharp spears and iron armor plates in the world’s largest original armory, you can’t help but picture the mighty warriors of old sitting on their heavy war-horses in ornate armor, riding to defend their borders.

Armory Graz © Graz Tourismus

When in Graz, don’t miss the Zeughaus (armory), which is the only original historic armory left in the world. Built back in 1642, it contains about 32,000 arms and military equipment dating from the late 15th to the early 18th century, enough weapons to equip an army of 5000 men. At the time the Zeughaus was built, Graz was the center of defense against frequent attacks from neighboring territories, forcing the Styrian lords to organize massive armies in a very short time. What makes the armory unique today is that all items are still organized and stored the way they were 400 years ago. 

To truly appreciate the Zeughaus, we highly recommend you take a guided tour, during which you will learn about the regions’ history, discover how ammunition for the first gunpowder weapons was made and marvel at heavy, expensive, full body armor which rendered fighters unable to move if they fell off their horses. Once you’ve explored the Zeughaus, climb up the city mountain to see how the massive fortress contributed to make Graz the defensive bulwark of the region.