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Gut Purbach: Fine Art & Cuisine

Gut Purbach’s Chef Max Stiegl is known among epicureans as a “nose-to-tail” chef with a penchant for ingredients from the Leithaberg Forest and Lake Neusidl. To complement this unique and location-specific cuisine, Dr. Hans Bichler, an art-collecting attorney and vintner, selects wines from a community of local growers in the Burgenland.

 © Gut Purbach

In the little city of Purbach, Burgenland, just 40 miles south of Vienna, diners love to visit Gut Purbach, where nothing in the kitchen goes to waste. Featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Network show “No Reservations,” Gut Purbach proved to be a destination for adventuresome eaters looking for an unexpected delight crafted from the absolute freshest ingredients. Chef Max Stiegl’s cooking is inspired by the age-old practice of using every part of an animal combined with a slow-food approach to using only simple, wholesome ingredients that are in season. Max raises his own sheep, sources fish caught fresh daily from the nearby lake, and only uses vegetables from local farms. While you may have the opportunity to order a delicious – but uncommon -- dish such as Lamb Brain, there are plenty of options available for those who prefer more traditional food. Max’s famous Roasted Roebuck with Pannonian Peppers and Polenta is an excellent choice.
Alongside outstanding food, Gut Purbach also offers a distinct wine list featuring the best grapes from the region: Blaufrankish, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay to name a few. If you enjoyed what you had with dinner, bring home a bottle of your favorite Bichler Wine from the wine shop.