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The HOUSE OF MUSIC Vienna invites you on a discovery tour into the world of music. This award-winning museum is dedicated to showcasing a wide array of approaches to music and - most importantly - to the experience of music.

House of Music Virtuoso days © iby jolande varga

Catch the Sound  – The House of Music Vienna
Vienna is the perfect location for the HOUSE OF MUSIC, a modern, interactive sound museum located in the historic city center. Here, on six floors, you have a chance to discover the fascinating world of music and sound. Interactive, playful, fun, with extensive use of mixed media, computer simulation and audio recordings, the HOUSE OF MUSIC is perfect for any age. It will grant you new insights and access into the world of music and will often surprise you.
Certainly, a visit to the HOUSE OF MUSIC will also introduce you to Vienna’s unique classical music heritage. It is also home to the archives of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. In fact, the first floor of the museum is dedicated entirely to the famous orchestra. 

The new installation zeitperlen virto|stage allows you to direct your very own personal music and opera experience. Visuals and music are in your hands, your movements and gestures bring about your own original multimedia opera.
The HOUSE OF MUSIC is open daily from 10am – 10pm.