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Martiniloben Festival

Every year in October and November, Burgenland’s vintners celebrate harvest season by giving thanks to their Patron Saint and opening their wine cellars for tastings and tours, as well as special feasts featuring local delicacies. The events are known as “Martiniloben” and draw visitors from near and far.

 © Neusiedler See Tourismus / Foto: Steve Haider

With 300 days of sunshine a year, the farmers and vintners of Burgenland are truly blessed with a bountiful harvest. They give thanks with a special festival called “Martiniloben”. The highlight of the festival is around the 11th of November, on „Martini“. Having nothing at all to do with the famous cocktail, Martini is the day of the local patron saint and is celebrated with a big feast. Traditionally, the day is also the occasion for naming the new wine of the year, hence it has special significance for the wine regions and villages around Lake Neusiedl.

Art exhibitions, wine tastings, live music and cellar alley festivals in October and November mark the end of the harvest season. „Martiniloben,“ specifically, is celebrated with open wine cellars and culinary highlights revolving around the goose. Guests from near and far are welcomed to come and taste the young new wines and culinary specialties of the region. Succulent “Martinigansl” – roasted goose, served with aromatic chestnuts, delicious red cabbage and fluffy bread dumplings, is THE traditional dish of the season. The local red wine from the indigenous grape variety, St. Laurent, is soft, silky and fruity – the perfect accompaniment.