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Mozart’s Musical Game

Your name interpreted by...Mozart? Leave it to Haus der Musik, Vienna's endlessly creative discovery museum, to make it happen. In "NAMADEUS," visitors can play an interactive computer program based on the composer's famed musical game, KV 516f. The system can be applied to any combination of letters, allowing for great melodic variety -- and surely your first personalized Mozart tune.

Haus der Musik Vienna, Haydn Hall © Haus der Musik, Wien

A 'Musikalisches Würfelspiel' was a popular 18th century game in which players used dice to randomly generate music. The most famous iteration was created in 1787 by Mozart, for his piano student Franziska von Jacquin. Titled KV 516f, the piece was the great composer's musical version of the alphabet -- and today Haus der Musik brings this creation to the 21st century. "NAMADEUS" allows you to create your own personal musical score -- in Mozart's original handwriting -- and take it home as a unique musical souvenir.

Together with the Virtual Conductor, WaltzDice and the museum's many other interactive musical installations, "NAMADEUS" lets visitors discover music in playful and innovative ways -- as Mozart would surely have wanted it. The new installation is located inside the third floor Mozart room, and can be tested from 10am to 10pm daily.


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