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Open-Air Museum Stübing

Austria’s rural history comes alive at one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. Take a stroll through beautiful pastoral landscapes and admire more than 100 historic farm buildings from all over Austria.

 © ÖFM Stübing

You’ll find that  the open-air museum at Stübing is not only a great destination for families with children. The lovingly restored historic farms from all over Austria are maintained with so much attention to detail, that even adults will sometimes feel as if they had been transported a few centuries back in time.

Walks leads you along a bubbling brook, past impressive farms, colorful gardens, grazing animals and cultivated fields. The approximately 100 farm structures, some of which are up to six hundred years old, have been furnished in a historically accurate manner and provide insights into the daily life on a farm several hundred years ago.

The historic grocery, where you can still get traditional sweets, the old school or the fire brigade with its fire engines are favorites with children of all ages. You can also take part in workshops that teach traditional handicrafts and skills that were essential on such farms: from thatching, cutting shingles or the binding of traditional fences to lace-making, spinning or the preparation of ointments.