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Reopening the Kunstkammer Vienna

The most important collection of its kind, the Kunstkammer Vienna, returned – newly renovated and enhanced – to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna after 10 years. Be enchanted by this realm of fantasy’s overwhelming gold, bronze, ivory, and wooden beauty, as well as exotic elements such as ostrich eggs, the horn of the legendary unicorn, and Benvenuto Cellini’s Saliera.

 © Brigida Gonzales
© Brigida Gonzales
 © KHM
Kunstkammer Visualisation © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Kunstkammer Visualisation © Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

The Kunstkammer Vienna, the most important chamber of art in the world, reopened in 2013 after being closed for ten years. This precious collection evolved from the Habsburg’s treasuries assembled during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque. The collection is regarded as a reflection of the entire universe, its task to transmit knowledge and amaze all who see this fabulous realm of fantasy and curiosity. Extensive renovations have made this gem – presented on 29,000 sq-ft - into a unique magic space of imagination. Be enchanted by the incredible goldsmith work, bronze, ivory and wood sculptures, and exotic objects such as ostrich eggs, the horn of the legendary unicorn, and the golden Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini. Enjoy a journey through time and enter a world of beauty, esprit, curiosities, and magical splendor.


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