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Stanz: Austria’s top distilling village

It takes a village: Stanz in Tirol is Austria’s top producer of high-quality Schnapps.

Stanz distillery in Tirol © Brennereidorf Stanz

High in the hills of Tirol lies the quaint village of Stanz. At first glance it seems like any other village in the Tirolean Alps -- about 150 households dot the sunny plateau above the town of Landeck, with a few barns, orchards, and the signature church steeple strewn in between. 

Take a closer look though, and you’ll discover the village’s claim to fame. Plentiful sunshine, warm autumn days and crisp nights are the reason for Stanz‘s orchards to produce a plum variety with a very intense aroma and a high sugar content. The Stanz plum yields excellent jams, fruit spreads, liqueurs, and - of course - Schnapps.

Which is the second reason the village is justly famous: 90 licensed distillers produce first rate Schnapps in 54 distilleries. With word of the high quality Schnapps spreading like wildfire, the age-old Stanzer tradition of distilling Schnapps for private use has now become the pride of an entire village.

Guided tours are available to show visitors how the various distillates are made, and one can taste the award-winning Schnapps varieties of the top distilling village in Austria.